Sunday, February 24, 2008

No.19: Sweet Potato

Never judge a potato by its jacket!
These tubers are sweetly popular
from the East to the West!

1. The most common flesh color (or the insides) of a SweetPotato is a vivid orange!

2. George Washington Carver was a
researcher who developed 118 products from Sweet potatoes! He used them to make glue
for postage stamps and a starch for
sizing cotton fabrics.

3. Unfortunately, when sweet potatoes begin to go bad, you cannot just cut away the bad part, since the damage will be reflected in the flavor of the entire potato.

4. Do not refridgerate below 55 degrees F. will chill this tropical vegetable giving it a hard core & an undesirable taste when cooked.

5. They have few natural enemies; pesticides are rarely needed. On top of that, they can also be grown in most poor soil conditions without the need for any fertilisers!

Reference: Wikipedia, NC Sweetpotatoes, Food Reference

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