Wednesday, February 13, 2008

No.17: Artichoke

Go on, have a (an artichoke) heart
this Valentine's!

1. The edible portion of the buds consists of the fleshy lower portions of the bracts & base, is the "heart"; the mass of inedible florets in the bud's center is the "choke."

2. The "vegetable" we eat is the plant's flower bud. If allowed to flower, the blossoms measure up to 7 inches in diameter and are a beautiful violet-blue color.

3.If you're trimming a lot of them, wear surgical gloves as the oils will work into your hands and under your nails making everything you touch taste bitter.

4. The leaves are often removed and eaten one at a time, sometimes dipped in butter, mayonnaise or aioli.

5. If the artichoke feels heavy for its size & when squeezed, you have found a fresh artichoke.

Reference: Wikipedia, Season by Season, Simply Recipes, History of Artichokes

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