Sunday, December 23, 2007

No.8: Okra

Nothing does it better than a lovely serve of okra in stews or salads!

1. Okra is also lady's finger, bhindi & gumbo.

2. The word gumbo is based on the Central Bantu word for okra, kigombo, via the Caribbean Spanish guingambo or quimbombo, natural thickener.

3. Okra also is a hibiscus and will, if left to its own devices, burst into ornamental flowers perfectly suitable for your home garden!

4. Mature okra is used to make rope and paper!

5. Do not cook okra in pans made of iron, copper or brass. Even though the flavor remains unaffected, the metal creates a chemical reaction that turns pods black.

Reference: Wikipedia, The Slow Cook, Food Reference, Produce Guru

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