Sunday, December 16, 2007

No.6: Garlic

Widely used for its pungent flavor,
the garlic is a definite favourite!

1. Traditional British herbalism used garlic for hoarseness and coughs, a salve of garlic & lard was rubbed on the chest and back.

2. Some medical studies revealed that garlic was "the aspirin of the 90s"as it thinned the blood, similar to the effect of aspirin.

3. Fresh garlic is generally odor-free. Only when cut or crushed do chemical reactions take place which produce the glorious scent.

4. Chewing on several sprigs of raw parsley can significantly cut back on garlic breath.

5. People tend to think of garlic as a warm weather plant. Many varieties don't do well unless they experience cold winter weather.

Reference: Wikipedia, The Garlic Store

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