Sunday, March 23, 2008

No.23: Leeks

Leeks are technically a bundle of leaf sheaths which look like a pretty fan!

1. Leeks are an essential ingredient of cock-a-leekie and vichyssoise, both,
yummy soups!

2. Like an onion, the leek has a lot of layers on the inside, except that the leek has a lot more finer layers. Each of these layers has an amazing amount of sandy grit between them. Leeks have to get washed really well to get rid of
all that grit.

3. The leek is one of the national emblems of Wales, whose citizens wear it on St. David's Day.

4. Leeks are sometimes called "the gourmet's onion" or the 'poor man’s asparagus'!

5. A favourite food of the Romans, leeks are lauded in the Bible (Book of Numbers),
have been eaten by saints (St. David), worn by the Welsh into battle and are said to possess mystical qualities.

Reference: Wikipedia, Kathy Maister's, British Leeks,, Fruits and Vegetables

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